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Need a Social Media Reality Check?

Susan’s Social Corner: Your Social Media Reality Check

By Susan Shuckra

Using social media is practically a prerequisite for most B2B and B2C companies. Whether it’s a combination of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or others, you’re probably leveraging one or more platforms on a daily basis.  So how to you create more “meaningful” online relationships with the little time you have to post or tweet to ensure maximize impact for your business? Here are some tips to help guide you towards establishing a loyal following through on any social media platform:


  • Create an open dialogue. Are you listening to your audience? This is your opportunity to find out exactly what your customers say about you and what they want. Bottom line:  Interacting on Facebook is more than just pushing out posts.
  • Commit the time and resources. Social media is not a quick process. Look at the people in your offline social circles—those you hold closest. How long have you known them? How much time have you spent together? All of this time bonds strong relationships.  Bottom line: You need more than 10 minutes twice a week.
  • Respond (and sooner rather than later).  If you get a comment, respond quickly. Bottom line: Responding quickly shows that you’re engaged and listening to your online community.
  • Create your own content. It’s ok share good content and information, but put your own spin on it. Bottom line: People want to hear what you have to say not what you found on the internet.


  • Come across like a broken record. It’s important to have some diversity in your posts/tweets. Don’t say the same thing over and over. Say something new and different to gain the interest and respect of your followers. It’s ok to be opinionated. Bottom line: Share content that inspires you, infuriates you, or makes you laugh.
  • Just sell your stuff.  Social networks are not direct sales tools. Use them as a place to develop a community of people who are interested in your brand and what it has to say. Bottom line: We all  have to make ends meet but try to focus less on pushing your products/services and more on creating and sharing interesting content.
  • Be inconsistent. It is not good practice to update your online status twice in a two-hour period, and then only once the next week. Be consistent so your audience knows what to expect. Bottom line: Take the time you need to interact, listen to your community and hare good content.
  • Ignore negative comments.  See negative comments and feedback as an opportunity to reinforce your message. Bottom line: Ignoring comments only makes you seem like you’re hiding something. Be transparent in your comments.

Social media for business is about getting people to like, know and trust you. The more you communicate and have a two-way dialogue, the more you will humanize your brand and grow your a reputation within your niche.

Interested in more tips?  Drop me a line to receive our quick guide on “How to Use Social Media to Drive Awareness, Grow Business, and Generate Revenue” at


Gaia Group Supports #DC #Socent Tech and Innovation

We are pleased to provide pro bono services to a few organizations this year including the William James Foundation.  The Foundation’s mission and community closely aligns with ours in that they, “discover, invest in, connect, & educate impact entrepreneurs who are building companies that are making our world a better place.”  We look forward to attending the 10th Annual Gathering and Business Competition event next week at Arent Fox in Washington, D.C. which will determine this year’s competition winner. Gaia Group will work with the competition winner to map out marketing and PR for their new venture.

Client Spotlight: Washington Business Journal and Soccer

If you are a soccer fan (not hooligan!) and ever wondered what the sport does to give back, then look no further.  The U.S. Soccer Foundation has provided over $57 million in grants since it’s inception following the 94′ World Cup.  These grants go to promote the game of soccer in under-resourced communities throughout the country.  At the helm of the organization is a CEO fueled by the love of the game, mentoring and nurturing future generations.  We are proud to work with the Foundation to shine a spotlight on this important mission. Read more here!

15 Pearls of Wisdom from David Ogilvy, the Godfather of #Advertising

A re-post from Hubspot. Fifty year old advice that still seems fresh today.  Worth a few minutes to page through and consider.  One our favorites: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Bellyaching, Bad Writing and Bland Ideas are…

…the three things we don’t do and the reason you’ll like working with us.

Branding in Real Terms – Repositioning After Komen

As reported this week by the New York Times and scores of outlets around the country, the Susan B. Komen Foundation is scaling back on races in 2014.  In real terms, this means that thousands of women will be unable to walk in cities close to home and millions of dollars will potentially be withheld from critical cancer research.

We can all speculate on the exact reason for the cancellations, but most are pretty certain that it all stems from the backlash on Planned Parenthood and politics.  While other blogs and media write about how Komen can revive its foundering brand, we are looking at the competition.  Here are some tips for other non-profits considering filling the gap:

  • Develop a strong leadership platform for spokespeople. While Nancy Brinker continues to be vilified, it’s a real opportunity for other organizations to find a strong leadership voice.
  • If Planned Parenthood and free mammograms are the issues that impacted Komen’s brand, then partnerships with organization’s doing this work are a must.  If not in a partnership form, then consider increasing awareness around services under this umbrella.
  • Increase online advertising in underserved markets for 2014 – it’s where participants, major funders and individual donors reside.  The markets are hurting right now, so filling the gaps with potential options is critical in 2013.  There’s nothing like a Facebook ad that says “join us!”

We all want more research dollars to flow to curing this disease.  Let’s face it – all of us know someone personally impacted.  Moving forward is critical and that means repositioning brands to meet the demand. You go ladies!

Thanks, Dick. We needed the inspiration.

It’s that time again – the commencement speech news cycle. We see luminaries and thought leaders from across the spectrum dishing out advice to young men and women across the US. Our favorite dish is from Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, at the University of Michigan commencement. Dick shares his failures and successes with the crowd along with some genuine and outstanding pieces of advice. Here’s a sample below and for more go to the YouTube link. At a little over 17 minutes, it’s worth a watch at lunchtime.

“If you make courageous choices and bet on yourself and put yourself out there, then you will have an impact.”

Congressmen in Shorts?

That was an attention grabber headline, eh? Well, we can’t say there will be any shorts this week (DC is unusually chilly for April), but there is a lot going on with soccer in D.C…

Our very own, Susan Shuckra, will be presenting on social media at the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s annual Urban Soccer Symposium.  Susan will be presenting along with Jason Longshore, Chief Strategic Officer, Soccer in the Streets.  These two social yoda’s will be teaching young jedi’s how to wield the force for their brand benefit (yes, we are girl geeks too!).

The week concludes with the first annual Capital Soccer Classic.  Where, perhaps, you may be able to glimpse Members of Congress trouncing the competition.



When Tragedy Strikes

All of us feel deeply saddened by the events in Boston this week.  The first 24-48 hours after something like this, no one goes without thinking of how things went terribly wrong and what, if anything, could have prevented the dominos from falling.

In crisis, media professionals get to work. Clients need to be informed that the AP reporter who was interested in the story yesterday, may be much less interested today. Oh, by the way, it’s very bad taste to be tossing story ideas within 24 hours of national tragedy. An unwritten rule, but one to remember and abide by.  This also applies to social media posts and large group promotional emails.  Nothing is that important that it needs to be promoted while a nation mourns.

A new day dawns, times passes and we are back at it again.  Recovering what we can and moving forward.  It’s what we do best.

Looking for Motivation? Try Harvey,Og or Zig…

“A mediocre person tells. A good person explains. A superior person demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves.” – Harvey Mackay. At the New Year, Inc. Magazine ran a list of motivational quotes for each month of 2013.  Just as interesting are the comments to the article. Happy reading!